Custom Built Firearm Systems

There is no one-size-fits-all approach with PWS. Every rifle we build is custom tailored for its intented purpose.

What is a “Performance Weapon System”?

A performance weapon system is a firearm system consisting of the firearm, optic, and accessories that is completely focused on the user and purpose, custom-built from carefully selected components, and tested with supporting documentation to ensure that performance and customer satisfaction. We do not have racks of pre-built guns and we feel that a truly custom firearm system should offer more choices than color, barrel length, and caliber.

The process begins with a conversation with the customer about the purpose and expectation of the system. Is the purpose hunting, competition, tactical or other specific requirement? What are the primary considerations, weight/size, ultimate accuracy, and/or modularity? What will you be asking the weapon system to accomplish for you? What is your budget for the project? Feel free to be as specific as you like, or give us some general guidelines and we can handle the rest.

We use the most accurate and up-to-date processes and precision equipment to ensure function and reliability. Each firearm is hand-fit and processes are Q/A checked and documented. Bolt-action rifles are built to a blueprint specific to that rifle.

Once the work is complete, the system is tested for both function and accuracy using no less than 40 rounds of match ammunition. Additional services are available to include custom ballistic profiles for ballistic calculators, velocity chronograph, and sight-in.

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