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Disclaimer:  It's a little more than $1500.......

Just finished this custom @accuracy_international_ltd AT-X build in 6mm Creedmoor.  Beautiful #multicamarid Cerakote by @2ndcaliber really makes this unique. 

When we're done, the rifle is correctly disassembled/reassembled and torqued, scope and optics mounted, trigger adjusted, rifle zeroed, and data for ballistics and ballistic profile have been set up. Laser engraving done in-house for correct barrel markings. 

Build details:

@accuracy_international_ltd AT-X in 6mm Creedmoor

@americanprecisionarms Little Bastard Gen 3 muzzle brake

@vortexoptics @euroopticltd Limited Edition black Razor HD Gen 3 riflescope 6-36 X 56mm w/ EBR-7D reticle

@vortexoptics Impact 4000 laser rangefinder and ballistic computer 

@vortexoptics Precision rings w/ diving board mount

@tbac_suppressors Bipod

@2ndcaliber Custom Multicam Arid Cerakote

#precisionrifle #accuracyinternational #accuracyinternationalatx #vortexoptics #eurooptic #highendfashion
A "Legion" of Legions? Why not.......

Enjoy the flyby.........


#sigsauer #sigsauerp365 #sigsauerlegion #romeox #sigsauerelectrooptics
@sigsauerusa P365 AXG Legion is one of the best carry pistols available today.  Factory enhancements to an already great platform plus the added weight and control of an aluminum grip module make this my personal choice for EDC. 

But since we're all about "performance" (it's in the name😁), we're equipping these with Sig's new Romeo-X compact reflex sight. The Romeo comes equipped with an extremely low mount chassis (perfect for those that grew up on iron sights)  and a circle dot reticle that is extremely fast. 

These are customer guns, so they'll be delivered with the optics mounted and zeroed, and the pistol properly lubricated. 

#edcpistol #sigsauer #p365legion #romeox #edcupgrade
PWS is a dealer for @accuratemagofficial and @mdttac21 magazines.  We offer mags laser engraved on our @tykmalasermarking Laser Gear Qube for additional cost at the time of purchase. Throw those paint pens away and ratty old mags away and buy new custom engraved mags from us! 

#laser #laserengraving #tykmaelectrox #mdtmagazines #accuratemag #kyfotg #moderndayrifleman #moderndaysniper
“Scope rings are scope rings.  There’s no difference in those ‘high dollar’ rings.” 😬🫣

Customer had an issue with his very nice Zeiss S3 LRP optic that was traced back to slipping in the rings.  We removed the scope to test fit a set of @americanprecisionarms Gen 2 Tru-Loc scope rings and found this.  Luckily his optic was not damaged but no matter how accurate your rifle, it won’t shoot with this condition.  Inevitably a true “working gun” is gonna be dropped, bumped, abused, and at the very least shot repeatedly in all conditions.  Your rings absolutely have to be up to the task or it won’t matter how good everything else is, the rifle simply won’t hold zero.

PWS uses components that we trust on our own rifles from the best vendors in the industry.  No additional processes required for absolutely rock solid mounting that you can trust in all conditions.

#ohno #scoperings #truloc

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