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We consider a custom firearm any firearm that has been created or modified based on customer commission or request. What separates PWS is that you won’t see racks of expensive guns that all look the same. Truly custom firearms are never “in stock”. While we will occasionally have “spec” rifles in stock with popular features and configurations, we don’t consider these custom. You should have more choices in a custom firearm than caliber and color.

Honestly, no. All you NEED to commute every day is a reliable Honda and all you NEED for formal occasions is a department store suit. Many people are perfectly happy with those choices, but there’s still a wait list for exotic cars and custom clothing. Production firearms are fun to shoot at the range and accurate and reliable enough for most uses. However, we’ve found through our own experience that there is no increase in value and performance which corresponds to an increase in price of production guns. We’ve had $1000 rifles with issues, and we’ve had $2700 rifles with issues and they both shot about the same. If you’re looking for truly “next level” performance and reliability and/or something that’s simply not available on the rack, you should consider a custom firearm rather than a more expensive production gun. The value in a custom firearm is in the confidence that your firearm was individually hand built and tested for function and performance before it ever touches your hands.

We pride ourselves on listening to the customer. Every single commission starts with a conversation about your needs and expectations. We work with you to select components and options from the very best vendors in the industry. We are a completely independent shop, so you’re not required to use our branded products. It’s our job to stay on top of industry trends and new releases, so you don’t need to worry about knowing the exact model of trigger that you need or who makes the best barrels. Just tell us your goals and we’ll help narrow the choices based on our experience. The process can be as involved or as simple as you prefer.

Contact us about your interest and we’ll schedule a phone call to discuss your needs. Once we have an idea about what will work best for you and any additional services or accessories that you need, we will send a formal written quote with everything that was discussed. The quote is non-binding, and we can mix and match as much as you like before beginning the build. We will also provide an estimated lead time with the quote. After acceptance of the quote, we require a 50% deposit of the quote total to begin the build process. This can be personal check or electronic payment. Electronic payment is subject to a 3% processing fee. The deposit is non-refundable as we order components which may be specific to your build immediately after we receive the deposit.

YES. We hate communication black holes as much as you do. We try to send pics (on request) so you know what’s going on and have a record of the build process. You’re free to call the shop and check on your build at any time. We will provide email or text updates if there is a delay or unforeseen event. We are constantly working to reduce lead time. If another component option for your build becomes available with a reduced lead time, we will contact you with the option. All changes will be accompanied by an updated written invoice.

Custom rifles are sent with a “Data Package”. You should never take a builder’s word that your custom rifle was built correctly.  There should be supporting documentation.  The data package is saved electronically by rifle serial number.

This package includes:

  • Spec sheet detailing components used in the build as well as dimensions, paint specs, and torque specs.
  • Q/A sign off sheet with all critical items re-checked and signed off.
  • Blueprint that the rifle was built from that details the exact dimensions of your action, barrel tenon, and muzzle threading.
  • Signed test target.
  • Ballistic profile report (if purchased).
  • Accessory pack with component manuals, spare parts, and tools. Each tool and accessory are labeled for easy identification.

All custom rifles are broken in, sighted in (with scope purchase or customer supplied optic), and test fired with a minimum of 40 rounds before shipping. This is to ensure absolute reliability with the intended ammo and magazines. All accuracy testing is done with match ammo. We do not offer an accuracy guarantee as we cannot control other variables that influence accuracy once the rifle leaves our shop. However, our rifles generally shoot under ½ MOA at 100 yards with factory match ammo.

Our custom rifles are shipped to an FFL of your choice. We must have a valid FFL on file before we can ship the firearm and we ship ONLY to FFL’s. Your rifle will be shipped in a suitable hardcase packed inside a cardboard box with extra packing. This is included in the shipping charges for the rifle. Scope boxes will be returned only by request and require additional shipping charges. We ship via UPS Ground Insured. Your invoice must be paid in full by personal check or electronic payment before shipping. Customers are welcome to pick up their rifle in person at the shop but will need to fill out the proper ATF transfer paperwork.

Don’t panic. Stop and give us a call. We’re here to help and we can usually talk you through any issues. We are confident based on our testing and Q/A process that your rifle was performing as expected when it left our shop. HOWEVER……things to do happen and we are unable to test for every possibility. If we are unable to solve your problem over the phone, and we determine that we are at fault, please send the rifle back to us for evaluation. If we find an issue that was the result of our workmanship or components used, we will fix the issue and/or replace the components and return to you. We will refund the incurred shipping charges to send the rifle back to us. If the problem is related to user error or rifle modification, the customer is responsible for repairs and return shipping.

We service a wide variety of modern firearms and fit aftermarket parts to improve the performance of those firearms. We work with reputable vendors who thoroughly test their products and maintain factory safety features, designs, and specifications. We will not modify trigger mechanisms (we will replace the trigger system or trigger parts entirely), disable safety devices, or install components that alter the rate of fire of the firearm.

We don’t do or service the following:

  • Restorations or repairs on antique firearms
  • Revolvers or lever action rifles
  • Bluing
  • Blackpowder or muzzle loading firearms
  • Shotgun barrel work (boring, straightening barrels, choke tube installs, etc)

Absolutely. We offer training in most ballistic apps and devices as well as a “Ballistic profile service” where we test fire your gun with the intended ammo and provide you with the velocity and other data needed to build a gun profile in most ballistic solvers. We have also partnered with Pilot Mountain Arms to offer classes in the fundamentals of long-range shooting at their private 1300+ yard range in Rose Hill, NC.

Scratches and wear on the bolt is due to process that contribute to the reliability and accuracy that we expect from a custom firearm. Bolt lugs are lapped to the receiver lug faces. This is a labor-intensive process where the bolt is raised and lowered repeatedly while covered with lapping compound to create a zero-tolerance fit between these surfaces. We’ve found that 3 or 5 rounds that some makers use for testing is not enough to identify potential reliability or accuracy issues, so our testing is 40 rounds of factory match ammo. If the customer orders our “Ballistic Profile Service”, additional ammo is fired through the rifle to measure the actual muzzle velocity of that ammo. While there may be some apparent wear and scuff marks on the bolt from these processes and testing, you are assured of a firearm that is performing as expected with exceptionally smooth operation.

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