What’s In a Name, Pt.2

Jason Dellinger | May 24, 2021

I discussed in the last post what we didn’t call the company and why, so it’s time to discuss why we DID call our little enterprise, Performance Weapon Systems.

PERFORMANCE is really the focus of what we do here.  That is why it is the first word in our name.  While small groups are a given, we are passionate that the firearm must work for you and exceed your expectations.  Not only does your rifle/pistol/carbine need to shoot small groups, but weight, function, fit, and appearance need to be considered with equal importance.   A rifle that shoots tiny groups but malfunctions at the moment of truth on a once-in-a-lifetime hunt is worse than useless.  A carbine that won’t run or is overweight for the sake of accuracy is no fun on the range.  A pistol with sharp edges, poor sights, and a sorry trigger won’t be a constant companion.  Any weapon with unnecessary or sub-standard components and poor build quality is a liability.

You should never work around limitations with a high-performance, carefully tuned firearm.  It should fit, function, and perform with no questions asked, regardless of application: hunting, self-defense, sport, tactical, or a combination of disciplines.  A performance firearm to us means that all aspects of the weapon have been addressed for zero compromise expectations both for the application and the user.  We achieve this through exacting tolerances, meticulous fitting, and personal attention to the very best components available to deliver documented results that match customer needs.

WEAPON was chosen because we do not limit ourselves to one firearm type.  Do you want high capacity and semi-auto capability in your hunting rifle or do you need maximum long range and terminal performance?  How important is weight and recoil management in your home defense weapon?  What’s the best solution for a weapon that might be used by different people of different size and ability? The answer to these questions directs our choice of platforms and calibers.

SYSTEMS.  The firearm alone is part of a system.  The firearm, accessories, ammunition, and training are what provide the complete solution to the need, not just the firearm itself.  As an independent shop, we can pick and choose from the very best in the industry to complete the weapon package.  Sighting systems, ammunition, electronics, and small accessories like lights, slings, and supports are sourced from the best manufacturers in the industry and made-in-the-USA, if possible.  The weapon system can be delivered turn-key with optics and accessories selected and fitted with ammunition test-fired for accuracy and reliability.  We provide training and setup for most electronic scopes as well as ballistic computers and apps, including data collection using a chronograph.  We can also direct you to specialty trainers like Brian Searcy at Pilot Mountain Arms who provide long-range instruction out to 1300+ yards in a small-class environment.

What’s in a name?  In short, everything that matters.

Jason Dellinger

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